Back online!

well I would like to apologize  for my absence during last couple of months!

But im back with some updates about whats happening in the world of aviation! at least things that im aware of!


I was chosen for an interview down here in Iran with an airline called ATA Air! i did perfect in the written exam, did pretty well in their interview and i got 1st or 2nd place! they never told us how good we were but i know i made top 7 with a perfect grade! then we got o the point where i had to do the airline’s medical and security check, so i was failed in the medicals because of my eyesight (my left eye was -4.50!) so their doctor said i couldn’t join unless i do a PRK operation on my eye and then 6 months pass and only then i could redo their exam and shit, but because it was a cadet pilot program and they were gonna pay for our type rating and stuff so there were an age restriction and this was the last year i could do it, not without hours on type!

But anyways i got to meet some new people, whom were total devils in the interview but totally sweet and warm when i met them again couple of weeks later!


so now i got good eyesight ( -0.50 each side which at very worst i will use glasses for a year or two and then they gonna be good as new! 😛 )

i hope i can continue writing about my experiences as a student pilot and then all the way to flying for EK!!

wish me luck,




recently i found a fact about pilots,

most of people who go into aviation and become pilots either have traveled a lot and love to move around the world on daily basis, or were pushed by somebody close to them, this can be a father, a family member, or even a boyfriend/girlfriend.

and a small number, that usually drop out during training, just didn’t know what to do and they decided to lets become a pilot for no reason!

your motive in aviation training is really important, work on it, that saves your life..

job hunting update

Good day dear readers.

i thought i will have an update about my current status,

the other day i had a simulator session, it was a level D sim, which is, like all the pilots know, the kind of sim that actually has arms and gives you motion, so we had a nice session with some engine failures on take-off in the first session and the nice part was that i could land the jet safely on the ground, still have to work a little on my russian i guess cause the cockpit was in english and russian, which gave me a hard time finding stuff around there, and also everything was in KMH and Meters, not really what we are used to..

so if one day you decided to fly a russian plane, make sure you can read russian, the auto pilot is gonna kick your butt..


my first engine failure

i was still doing my 4th hour of solo flights (you need to do 5 hours of solo circuits before moving to General Flying Area again) when it happened!

it was a chilled afternoon, and i had a conversation with my instructor 2 days ago about my engine failure procedures, which he thought is too slow! and i knew i could handle it anyways.

so back to the story, i was coming down for my last landing which was gonna be a full stop landing and i was the only plane there in the air, the air traffic control (ATC) cleared me for landing while i was on my long final, and after reading back his instruction ………….. BOOM! the engine stopped working, it was really quiet for couple of minutes, the propeller was swinging but the engine was off and no sound except the air…

in that moment all i could think about was land the plane ASAP cause you are too close to the ground. so that became my first and only choice, to forget about all the procedures and all the talkings, and just land the plane on the runway. which i managed to do.

when i landed the ATC asked me about the reason why im not moving on the runway, and i told him i need sometime to get my engine running again.

so there it was, my first engine failure, which was my last up to today, but it was not the only emergency that i had in the air!

R.I.P to one of our fellow pilots

Unfortunately today i got the news that one of our fellow pilots, Narco van straaten, has passed away in a plane crash in South Africa.

They were coming in for final approach at night, when they loose control and crash into the lake just before the runway, the news says that both pilots, who were both instructors, have been found dead.

They may rest in peace.

First solo!!! A big deal…

Well going for your first solo is really a big deal in any pilot’s life. It is the day that you turn from an ordinary person into a “Pilot”. And remember that only happens once in your life. For me going for my first solo flight was quiet different because I had been checked and released couple of days before my first solo, but due to bad weather I couldn’t do it for 2 days. Finally the morning was there, the morning that I became commander of a Cessna 172. But before that I did a landing check with my instructor in ZS-CWY and after doing 1 landing I did a full stop to drop my instructor. Then only we found that I needed to change my plane for my flight. I had to do my solo flight in ZS-CFE due to some oil problem with CWY. And that was bad enough cause every plane is different from the other in terms of performance and handling. But the worst part was the answer I got to my question, when I asked my instructor: “how many circuits should I do?” and he thought I’m joking and replied “just do 2!” but he never knew I actually got that seriously and gonna do 2 landing.

The first landing went as smooth as it could ever be, but for the second one I had my entire dash shaking while I was on final, and all I knew in that time was I have to land no matter what, so I came down and did 2 bounces on the runway.

It’s a tradition to throw some water on the pilots head after his first solo or drop him in a pool, but for us students of Mafikeng Airport it was non of them, it was a mud pool. After enjoying a muddy pool, it was time to enjoy the rest of my day as I was on top of the world.

It’s a day that a pilot will never forget, for me it’s the day I will always tell others as my first experience of commanding a plane!

Couple of days later I read a chapter about first solo in my exercise book saying:

“it’s the day you become a pilot and we know you are a bit stressed but remember your instructor is the only person in the world that knows your flying even better than you do so if he says you are fit for a solo flight, believe him, you are ready. Its unlikely to have an emergency in first solo so just enjoy it and congrats on the important day of being a pilot”

circuit training!!

For me doing circuits and landings was a mystery and a bit scary too cause i had to talk to the tower and it was like a controlled airspace so i wasn’t comfortable with it before i start doing it. I got told in the afternoon that I will be doing circuits and landings for tomorrow to get ready for my SOLO flight. so i went through every little knowledge i could gather from others. Finally one of my really good friends sat down and draw a circuit pattern and she wrote all the communications i needed to do; and fair enough i got them re-written and had it in my pocket in case i forget what im supposed to say ( which happened!!).

but it was a bad weather day, so my flight was transferred to the next day and of course I was getting more excited and nervous too.

so what a circuit is! its as follow:

you line up and take-off. -known as up-wind- after the end of the runway or 300ft AGL whichever comes later you start turning towards your pattern, ie if its a left circuit you turn left or if its a right hand circuit you turn right, then you are in a leg known as cross leg, you fly on this leg until you are 45 degrees to the runway threshold -end of the runway where there is a zebra cross series!!- up to here you are still climbing so all your turns are going to be climbing turns, then you turn for another 90 degrees again and you find yourself in down wind leg, in this place you must be at 1000ft AGL. in down wind you do your down wind checks, and continue flying straight and level until you passed your runway and again continue until you are 45 degrees to your threshold, then you turn to base leg also known as dog leg! thats where you start descending for landing, and usually thats where you take another notch of flaps, and then you start turning toward your runway and align yourself with the center line of the runway. continue descending and take more flaps if needed, this is where it gets tricky and every pilot in the world has a style of doing, thats where you decide how to land and what do to to gain that good landing. then when you land its either a full stop landing and you vacate the runway or you do a touch and go which means you take-off again and do the same thing again.

now my secret in landing, they always tell you to cut the power when you get to your short final, but what i do is i keep the throttle about one inch in and come down with a little bit of power, but i kill my speed to the stall speed+5 mph/kts and start rolling out and keeping it high nose and stall, when i get the stall warning before my touch down i kill the power completely, that makes the plane sink nicely and touching not so hard.

try it and give me a feedback, i wanna know if it works for you too!!